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About Modern Excel

Excel does not require an introduction. Google it. Excel is a backbone app.

Modern Excel started with Tables in Excel 2007. Modern Excel transforms our experience with Excel. You achieve “Excel works for me” happiness. The main components are


Automation of business process

  • 1. Saves cost and time
  • 2. Eliminate human errors
  • 3. Increase business efficiency

Excel projects is the fastest and most economical way to automate department level processes.

  • 1. Excel projects is cost effective .It does not require any CAPEX.
  • 2. Excel projects does not require any clearance from IT Security.
  • 3. You do not need “admin” access to your PC to run an Excel project.
  • 4. The solution can be developed with small timelines.
  • 5. Familiarity with Excel makes it easy to visualize, learn, and use.

We undertake Excel Projects of all sizes, of all departments in an organization.

We also Repair and Enhance your current Excel / Access Solutions and Excel Macro Models.

In our current and previously held positions, we have developed 100+ projects. Here is a partial list with brief description.

Excel Projects - WITH Macros

Excel Projects - WITHOUT Macros

Power BI Projects

Projects – Best Practices

Practice Makes Perfect.

Our extensive work has helped us create our own “Practically Useful” best practices. We use them for all solutions that we deliver using VBA, “M” Language, and DAX.

If addition to Engineering considerations, our best practices are also driven by “if the User can see the “code”, the User is inquisitive to know what it does?” fact.

Below, we give out most widely used “best practices”.

Repair & Enhance your Current Projects

Quite often, Excel and Power BI solutions are created by an in-house expert or a consultant. They are left unsupported when that individual leaves the organization or becomes unreachable.

The general reasons are

  1. Business logic has changed.
  2. The input data structure has changed.
  3. The required output design has changed.
  4. Create / delete a visual
  5. The solution starts giving an error or is just not opening / working
  6. The solution consumes too much time

This leads to the abandonment of these advanced mission-critical solutions. The departments revert to old manual or formula-based ad-hoc methods.

We offer repair and enhancement service for such solutions. This helps organizations maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of their automated processes.

If you are struck in such situation, we can repair or/and enhance your solution.

Based on our experience, the common reasons for errors are:



Trusted by brands you love.
In our current and previously held positions, we have provided our service to 500+ brands.
Here is a partial list.



Financial Services-Bank


Financial Services-Insurance


Financial Services-Investment Houses


Financial Services


Oil and Gas





While we excel as data experts, our prowess in wordsmithing may not be as strong.

We have a treasure trove of insights to share, derived from hundreds of resolved issues and thousands of queries addressed.

Our aim is to share knowledge that can be practically applied by 99.9% of Excel users in the workplace. This will be actionable knowledge. We plan to write articles and create accompanying videos to enhance understanding and facilitate application in your files.

The content in this section is continually being improved and refined.